Daybreak Games Releases Expansions For Both EverQuest and EverQuest II

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Proving that today is a busy day for game developers, Daybreak Games is launching two new major expansions for the long-running EverQuest games: EverQuest: The Broken Mirror and EverQuest II: Terrors of Thalumbra. The new updates mark the 22nd expansion for EverQuest and the 12th for EverQuest II. They will be being rolled out over the next 24 hours.

EverQuest: The Broken Mirror pits players against the vengeful goddess Anashti Sul, whose desire for power threatens all of Norrath. The expansion brings four new zones to the game and revamps three others. It also introduces scalable versions of the Plane of Hate and the Plane of Fear for level 75-105 raids as well as new spells, quests, missions, heroic adventures and raids.

EverQuest II: Terrors of Thalumbra takes players deep below Norrath to the subterranean realm of Thalumbra. Thalumbra is a new overland zone featuring a contested zone and special quests for Adventure and Tradeskill players. The new expansion adds scalable dungeons for players level 20-92 as well as raid zones, heroic dungeons, and advanced solo dungeons for level 100 players.

While both EverQuest and EverQuest II are free to play it will cost you to get into these expansions. EverQuest: The Broken Mirror is available to purchase for $34.99, as is EverQuest II: Terrors of Thalumbra. For the dedicated EQ fan, Daybreak is also offering Collectors Edition and Premium Edition bundles for both games at $89.99 and $139.99, respectively.

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