MMORPG.com has an interview up with H1Z1 Lead Designer Terrence Lee, and while it doesn’t address the biggest question we here at MMOBomb would like answered, it does provide at least some rationale as to why the single game was split into two.

According to Lee, the split was made because the game had already, on its own, branched out into two separate games, having “two different communities with two different needs.” Separating the games allowed for a clearer focus for the dev team(s), letting both Just Survive and King of the Kill to “grow in their own distinguished ways.”

Those dev teams, by the way, aren’t just a reshuffling; while there was a split, new staff will be added on “to make sure the needs for both games are met.” One of the primary tasks listed for the Just Survive team is to add more zombie AI, including a “screamer” zombie — which was talked about as coming to the game last July and was “re-announced” in January.

What the interview doesn’t address, though, is why Daybreak has abandoned the notion of making the game free-to-play after it leaves early access. Hardly anyone’s questioning the decision to branch off development into making two games, but why those two games will each cost $20 after being promised as free-to-play? That’s something even a police investigation would have a hard time pinning down.

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  2. Ok frankly i dont see the reason for all the hate..
    People owning the game will get both of em after the 17th people wanting to buy the game later will buy the game they like.. sure if you want both then you prolly should buy the game before the 17th but still if you whanna sit back and dont hastle the EA you can get the games later for 40€…

    Basically they are just splitting up the teams making it so both games can get the atention it needs thats both survival and BR, i frankly think this is better and surely opens more room for development..

    Accepting to play and pay for early access i think you have to understand that there is always things changing and this might be the best move.. I still think rust for instance did the right move changing engines and Im 100% sure repopulation did aswell..

    Its how it is ladies and gentlemen you buy a game to support it in early access and if you did you now get both games for free thereby its ok by me…

    Also announcing that a game will not go Free to play at release is something any EA title should be allowed to do, its part of development, if they where hoping to release it as a free to play title thats all good and fine but if they cannot make the cut its better to do this then just kill the game all together..

    You did the right thing daybreak.

  3. The “why?” is pretty self-explanatory: They can’t make a profit with a F2P model on this game. The ONLY way would be to go P2W, and I’m certain that’s something the dev team does not want to do. The writing was on the wall when Smedley appealed to the fanbase to come up with ways to monetize the game:


    From there it’s been a downhill slide. the fact is that no one in the community or in the studio could think of any good way to monetize the game without introducing P2W. Going B2P is the final realization of that reality. It took them too long to come around to it.

    A game like this really needs a subscription model to keep it afloat. Subscriptions cut down on cheaters and griefers massively because it ties players to a paid account. It also keeps the servers up and running with on-going income.

  4. When blizzar make overwatch B2P, you stoped talking about it because it wasnt F2P anymore.
    Why you still talking about H1Z1??

    R.I.P F2P H1Z1


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