DC Universe Online‘s most recent update is part of Daybreak Games’ stat revamp roadmap. Specifically, the update makes changes to the game’s stat curve as well as class abilities and NPC damage.

The developer has been tweaking the game’s stat curve for a bit and after some testing realized that in order to prevent future problems they’d need to slow things down a bit, reducing the rate at which numbers increase at each level and combat rating. As a result of this, players will see their own numbers have been lowered when they log in. Daybreak assures, however, that these are still proportional to NPCs and content, so there should be no reason to worry.

Speaking of NPCs, the developer states that it has made adjustments to certain NPCs. These NPCs were doling out damage higher than they should have, and changes have been made to account for this.

In the area of player roles, certain healer builds will notice changes designed to address previously existing issues. In an effort to make healing feel less spammy, individual heals have been maded stronger. The healer role buff has also been increased and now grants a larger restoration bonus. Other changes have also been made in order to allow players to push the limits of consumption and controllers a bit more.

Of course, these are not all the changes that will be made. In fact, there’s a laundry list of what’s currently being worked on — and where the team is at with it — on the Daybreak Games forums.

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