A month after a datacenter move, Turbine is still having issues with Dungeons and Dragons Online. The move had initially resulted in the players experiencing lag issues and has since escalated into something as simple as opening the store causing the game to crash. And, according to MassivelyOP, Turbine has made matters worse by refusing to respond to player’s requests for information on the issue.

In fact, the lack of communication is so bad that players have begun begging the developers for any kind of information, even if, as one player put it, it’s not news Turbine thinks the players want to hear.

At present, the only response to any of the complaints is from Community Manager Cardovan who simply stated that there is still work to do on the servers, and that they are currently in the process of working on a hotfix.

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  1. FAKE FREE TO PLAY game with locked content and characters, scammers deserves to go down, its already dead long time ago because of scam, devs working for foood for scammed cash.

  2. With the way things are going in the industry, alot of games are going to start shutting down. I think its time for Lotro and DnD to go quietly in the night.


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