Deceive Inc Is Back With Updates And Game Changes Following Steam Next Fest

Open Beta is currently scheduled for March

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Deceive Inc

With Steam Next Fest finished and all Agents' feedback looked at and accounted for, Deceive Inc. is ready to address all the changes that are soon to come thanks to everyone who played the game and left suggestions.

To start, the March open beta will feature crossplay with all platforms, including consoles, for the first time. This means that players should not expect any major change for open beta apart from server-side tweaks to the game.

Currently, the devs are working on adding new hooks that should allow better locations for agents to spawn to drastically reduce fights in the first seconds of a match. In addition, the suggestion to reduce intel spawns in Guard rooms has been implemented and the devs are happy with the results.

Players who found the jump fatigue to be way too severe and obstructive should be happy to know that this has been taken into consideration and the devs are reducing both the lowering of Agent speed built up by jump fatigue and shortening the time it takes to recover from it.

In regards to weapon transparency, the team is working on two main aspects: The first is Training Range Tools. Damage numbers will be added to the dummies in the training range and in the pregame lobby. Players will be able to test weapon damage at a variety of different ranges with all characters. The second aspect is the Weapon Tooltip Redesign. The team wants to expose every element of a weapon’s stats from damage to fire rate and everything in between. While these changes might take a while to implement, the team is hard at work finishing them up as soon as possible. Guards have also been worked on to make them a bit more dangerous and a bit more significant.

Players that would like to read the full rundown on what's to come can check out the official blog post here.

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