Deceive Inc. “High Alert” Update Raises The Stakes On “Reckless Action”

If you don’t know how to stealth, you may want to learn.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Deceive Inc High Alert

Decieve Inc. is preparing to drop an “intra-season” content update and when they do, players of the shooter will need to up their game when it comes to the whole stealth thing. Titled “High Alert” this update gives players more reasons to find some other way to deal with things other than simply shooting everyone – or receive advantages when dealing with someone who doesn’t avoid using guns for all solutions.

These changes are part of the Heat 2.0 system, which allows the devs to tweak values around heat more quickly than before. They also reworked the whole system to make things more clear. Players will now gain more heat when taking down an NPC, with two NPCs equaling a single heat level. Unless… of course… that NPC is a VIP. Then the heat values are even higher. Being scolded by non-guard NPCs in a restricted room will also add to the heat, but with it accumulating over time.

In addition, penalties from accumulated heat will stay with players as long as they’re within the heat level bracket. Don’t want the penalties… get rid of the heat. Or, you can just try to avoid getting heat at all.

The High Alert update includes a variety of other changes as well. These include agent balance adjustments, weapon changes, and the introduction of crouch fatigue. Crouch fatigue is like jump fatigue, only it affects players that crouch multiple times in a row quickly. It results in the players getting a progressively worse speed buff. (Honestly, it feels a bit like a solution to teabagging.)

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