The cyberpunk-themed action deck-builder Haxity, created by Norwegian developers Megapop, was intended to be a buy-to-play offering — once it left Early Access. However, those plans have changed. Nine months after entering EA on Steam, Megapop has decided to make the game completely free-to-play. This means that players will have full access to all of the game’s content without the need of further purchases.

There is, however, a downside to all of this. When the developer announced the shift to free-to-play it was part of a larger announcement — that the patch released this week will be the last one for a long while as they can no longer support a development team for the game. The announcement doesn’t entirely rule out a return to the game at a later date. However, it does seem to imply that when players hear from the developer again, it will likely be with something new.

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