Destiny 2 Plans To Lock Two Dungeons Behind Paywalls And The Internet Is Having None Of It

Two dungeons will be Deluxe Edition expansion edition (and higher) only...with a way to buy them solo added later.

Michael Byrne
By Michael Byrne, Editor in Chief Posted:

destiny_2_witch_queen have to wonder what goes through their mind when game devs/community teams/whoever has to post something to reddit or social media knows the news is terrible and likely to lead to some huge downvotes. Destiny 2 Community Manager Cosmo took to reddit today to clarify a few things about the upcoming Destiny 2 Witch Queen expansion, and they had to know what they were about to say wouldn't go over all that well...and it didn't.


(First reply intentionally left in the picture above as it is hilarious!)

Yep. You read that right. Two dungeons, pretty core Destiny 2 content, will only be available if you spring for the deluxe edition of the expansion or you upgrade to the deluxe edition later. The standard edition of the expansion won't cut it. Don't worry though...they may add an option for you to buy just those dungeons later, but the dungeons will not be part of the season pass.

I think the downvotes say enough but just in case, let's remember two things to really hammer home what a terrible idea this is:

1) Destiny 2 now vaults content meaning at some point in the future these dungeons could find themselves vaulted along with other content you probably paid for since you already have to buy each expansion (not to mention the damn Eververse...).

2) New players already have a stupid time trying to figure out what they should buy (or what products contain the content they WANT to buy) when they've had their fill of the game's free-to-play offerings.

Cosmo promises more details closer to launch, but that certainly hasn't stopped Bungie from accepting pre-orders for Witch Queen already.

(WRITER'S NOTE: This spot reserved for the inevitable "walk back" update that Bungie is going to do on this the same way they did the terrible introduction of the transmog system and many other decisions.)

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Discussion (2)

zariarn 2 years ago
Bungie has lost their mind. It started whenever they removed 75% of destiny 2 content and attempted to make excuses for it. I don't understand why anyone gives them any more money have the stunts they keep pulling.

terranova667 2 years ago
And here I thought Bungie got themselves away from Activision for this very reason, goes to show all that crap in the past wasn't just Activision laying down the law, I'm glad I jumped off the Destiny train especially with this type of crap going on.


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