Trion Worlds isn’t wasting any time getting players into Devilian Online. Founders Packs are now available for purchase, and the alpha is scheduled to begin next week.

There are three tiers of Founder’s Packs for the game: Silver ($49.99), Gold ($99.99), and Obsidian ($149.99). All of them come with beta access, a two-day head start, a bag of potions, two extra character slots, and an adorable corgi pet/bank/vendor. Bonus credits, inventory slots, titles, and patron status time go up as the pack price goes up.

Obsidian buyers will also get access to the Devilian alpha, which hasn’t officially been announced, though Trion is “targeting” next Thursday, Sept. 3. If you have any other questions about the Founder’s Packs, Trion’s prepared a handy FAQ for you.

Now, let’s have a nice and calm conversation in the comments, shall we?


  1. Yo Trion do you know how depressing it looks when you put out these stupid founder packs for such a high price for an unfinished game? Very depressing – I really don’t see that company lasting much longer at this rate.

  2. not even one possitive comment, not even one lulz, that just tells how bad you did something, ofc i am not surprised, 150$ to try a fking alpha? you serious? yo share that danm weed m8 seems pretty heavy.

    back in the day companies paid ppl to test their games, now we pay them in advance so they can run with your money and laught at you later #moneygrabBS

  3. companies charge 50-60 for a full AAA game and trion wants to charge 50-150 for an unfinished alpha for a free to play game. Sorta ridiculous.

  4. 150$ For a game?! F*uck no!! I dont wanna spend even 100$ for GW2(even if i want to play it)
    Trion is really close to Aeria in their money grabbing style. Bad for them in future(IF they gonna have it)

  5. LOL Trion.
    Monthly patron passes with very unfair advantages, micro-transactions and founders pack.

    $150 for freaking pixels. I guess as long a people are as stupid and impatient enough to give money like its nothing all you can do is extend your hand out and take it.

  6. asshole of a devs keep raising prize of there pack you assholes should be paying us not us paying you guys to get into you hold ass games

  7. where the fu c do these damn game devs have the balls to charge people money to try a game they might not like! Alpha & Beta should never be charged a dime. It never has been like that in the past. DDO, STO, LOTOR & I can name a few others that never charged a dime for players to try a game. This is just getting retarded! Open alpha & Beta has all ways been a way to test a game & see how smooth it runs & work out the bugs, not charge people for trying an un finished\polished game. I will never give a dime to try something I might not even like, that’s just dumb.

  8. Hey guys… the game is good deal but don’t pay the founder packs! not worth it trust me but worth to wait for the game. If you can’t wait for it, try out thailand devilian while waiting for this.

  9. when you see a company wanting $50 bucks for testing a game you know its not going to be alive for long. Trion your coming close too being worse than Aeriagames and they can be pretty bad.

  10. Hmmm trion, they never learn their lesson, haven’t they? They do super shit job with AA and now they will continue their train with Devilian.

  11. Yeah 50$ to enter an alpha GUILD WARS 2 is F2P/45$ u can shut it down TRION! burn Archage and all retarded ppl who pay and play it while u are at it!


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