If you keep track of Bless Online news, you may have heard the rumor over the weekend that Aeria Games has stealthily dropped the game from their lineup before if even launched. The rumor stemmed from the fact that the game’s teaser on the Aeria site went down over the weekend (and continues to be down as of this writing.) This spawned a post on MMORPG and a thread on Reddit speculating about the fate of the game.

As it turns out, the game is still on the company’s roster, there have just been some technical issues. The Bless team alerted players to this fact on Facebook to let players know the rumors were untrue and that they should look forward to “some dates early 2017 — as well as dropping a Christmas video.”

If that’s not enough to ease your worries, Aeria Games also spoke with MassivelyOP telling them that the issues were due to a data center migration.

“This maintenance is due to a migration to a new data center for all our services from game to portal, so there is no need to be worried. It’ll improve the experience of the players. However, we are still working on it and the website will be back online soon! On the side, we are working closely with Neowiz on the gameplay improvement aimed for the North American and European version!”

So, the page may be down for a bit longer, but it’s only a temporary thing.

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  1. well to me, aeria games cant put anything new unless X-LEGENDS makes the game. like lime oddessy. they kept that site up for a few years but never even intended to release the game after x-legends started up. so now if its NOT X-LEGENDS they will let it sizzle and never let it see the light.

  2. These “news” are outdated by now.
    Continuation here for whoevers interested:


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