Aeria Games’ extremely cute, anime-style, monster-hunting MMORPG Dragomon Hunter is now in open beta. Now any players can join in the battle, defeating and collecting over 100 monsters to ride as mounts.

Aeria Games is offering players the opportunity to pick up one of five unique Founder’s Packs during open beta. These consist of the Starter Pack, Into the Wild Collection, Royal Apparel Set, Dynamic Duo Pack and the Ultimate Hunters Pack. All of them are available to buy at

To sign up for open beta, head on over to the official site.

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  1. Welcome to Aeriagames.

    We are a company that likes money and will do anything to obtain it even if it means making a game open beta within a week knowing full well the game sucks, but we kindly ask you not to tell us this or we will ban you from using support and the forms but we will allow you to spend money and play games just not voice your option.

    When we close down a game due to “unknown” reasons we will tell you all that we will be sending you compensation packages to everyone who played the game (with a requirement of spending at least $1,000 usd on the game) This will be used on another game.

    We hope you enjoy your stay and remember we don’t care!

  2. Download it,played it 5 min,uninstalled it. Better play Aura Kingdom. Shitty story,horrible ui, ,auto path is meh but ok.Graphics are good but not on the characters..only the world.Soooo yeah…this game will die faster than Aura or Eden(if it’s not already dead).It’s copy pasta of Eden world with horible chibi models.

  3. i still prefer aura kingdom/eden eternal
    idk why but dragomon hunter combat and overall gameplay feals to choppy to me :/
    it is good game dont get me wrong all x legend games are amazing with content and quality i just feal it dont have anything new that could keep me playing….


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