dragon nest

As of March 16, Dragon Nest EU will have a new publisher. The region’s current publisher — Shanda Games International Europe — will be handing the reins over to Cherry Credits, who’s already publishing the game in southeast Asia.

According to the official announcement, nothing much will change for European players, and they will be keeping their current servers. However, they will have to transfer their account to Cherry Credits in order to use their services. To facilitate this, Cherry Credits will be hosting an integration event, gifting European players with some exclusive in-game items.

At the time of the publisher change, the free-to-play game’s March patch will also go live, releasing the long-awaited machina class.

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  1. I be honest though most player do not care about dragon nest anymore since it turn off most of the player and the limited Stamina system in PVE Content. it nice to hear that EU Server is getting a new publisher . This make it the third time though for new company to host for EU. I wonder if the good player ever come back to dragon nest EU and NA Dragon nest?

    • The answer would be…… No Most of the player I used to known are long gone from Free to play. it just a big scam fest for free to play nowadays which is why i no longer play free to play and I do not trust the publishers and the developers plus the community’s long with it. This is my answer to you fipa. (Free to play=Scam)


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