Dragon’s Prophet has been the odd man out in SOE/Daybreak’s MMO portfolio for some time now, so today’s news shouldn’t come as the biggest surprise ever, but here it is anyway: As of November 16, Daybreak will no longer be active in North America, according to a statement on the game’s site.

Effective immediately, all items in the cash shop have been dramatically reduced, and, of course, players with excess Daybreak Cash can choose to spend it in Daybreak’s other games. One bit of good news is that the game will continue to operate in Europe and Asia, without Daybreak’s involvement, so if you were really into the game, you can probably still find a way to play it.

Cue the “Columbus Nova is ruining everything” even from people who could tell Dragon’s Prophet had a limited shelf life in 3… 2… 1…


  1. SH IIT game, SHII T developers , how predictable, skyforge is next, pay to win SHI ITT + subscription, same story, SHIIT GAME from SHII IT DEVS

  2. The game was tolerable when SOE was running it but they never tried to do much with the game except run it and update it. They pushed away the fact to sell much stuff in the cash shop with very little sales for their digital currency. Compared to the European version, which just had packs flying out like no tomorrow and sales for their currency every week. I am not surprised this game shut down, even more so since Daybreak took over. Though I am sad to see all the money I spent in the game go down the tube even though I haven’t played in over a year.

  3. Game was good, was free and fas fun. It seems some people just enjoy when games dies. They aren’t hurting you, if you don’t like them, just don’t play them. I don’t see why to enjoy when a game dies. There are not so many good free games around and also a not excellent one is better than nothing. I like Dragon’s Prophet, I play it. It is gone for US but fortunately we can continue to play it here in Europe.

  4. I’ve never liked dragons (and vampires, not that it matters in this game) and I don’t feel one bit bad about it shutting down.

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  6. Played this game for a little bit, enjoyed it hella a lot, just got bored doing the same shit over and over, would’ve been much better if the dragons you actually caught are worth it, some aren’t. They’re just fun to ride around.

  7. Friend of mine literally a few days ago asked me to play this with him, I said “No thanks, I’m gonna jump into it, and it’s gonna shut down right when I put some time and effort into it.” He said “No it’s really good.” Guess I was correct.

  8. Can’t say I didn’t see it coming, the game was horribly optimized. I also feel that the game was lacking content and has felt dead for over a year now, now I’m just waiting to hear about Runes of Magic (their other game) shutting down in the next year or two, they just drain their games for all it’s got. Seems to be a pattern with these guys! (Runewaker Entertainment)

  9. That is the fate of games that don’t quite push beyond mediocrity. You’ve got to excel and stand out or end up dead in this industry.

  10. AAAH Dragons Prophet. one of my bigest regrets ever was buying it’s bigest founder pack. learned a lot from that XD sexy black dragon doesn’t make a good game. Glad to see it go

    • So you’re saying that the game is not good? why bother playing it?.Besides it wasnt that bad i think it was a good game though there was some flaws but the rest is pretty neat it’s just that it’s not polished enough

  11. lmao i knew it
    This is my story with this game, it only takes 20 sec to read.
    First. It was a real pain in the butt to just log in.
    Second. It took almost two days to download the game despite that my internet is actually pretty fast.
    Third. The launcher never worked, it was trying to download something but after 3 hours nothing happened and the pc crashed.
    Fourth. Launched the game into oblivion.

    • Probably from the launcher but download time doesnt take that long maybe it’s just your computer not really reading it properly sometimes the downloading problems doesnt come from your internet.

  12. I actually liked that game for a while. The combat was more fun than Tera in my oppinion. But the game never felt polished enough,

  13. ░░░░░░░░░░░█████████████
    Good News!


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