Neonga has launched the open beta phase of its free-to-play PvP MMORPGDragonSoul” . The right to rule the eight kingdoms will be hard fought as players prove their might as a Warrior, Hunter, Mage or Assassin.

The DragonSoul realm lies broken and in shambles. For now one can survive by mere weapon skill and some luck. But as the kingdoms grows leaders must rise. To be king you will need to be strategic, you will need to be cunning and if that doesn’t work… you will need to make believers out of your enemies with your blade.

With over 1,000 quests, adventurers will be immersed into a unique background story inspired by Asian mythology while mastering the four character classes.

Key Features:
– Highly dynamic politics system imbued with spite, malice and greased with gold.
– Numerous skill system with over 1,000 different combinations
– 52+ extensive maps, zones and dungons.
– More than a pet, more than an ally. Over 100 Pets wait to take your side as you stride into battle. Let lose the paws of fury!
– Mounted Combat: Mounts can be used in combat and offer space for up to 4 players.

DragonSoul expands the gameplay experience by adding some features to its setting. The Battle-Assistant for example gives the player the opportunity to automate fighting for some time. And the reliable Quest-Tracker is the key feature to find and solve the enormous number of quests available in DragonSoul and advance quickly.

Players can register at!


  1. played for 4 hours got to lvl 20 and they they gave me 2 swords both were +20 and I was waaaaaay too OP…now i saw lvl 40s and 50s with the same weapons I had…im sorry but wheres the fun in that? uninstalled

  2. Im afraid to say this game let me down i thought it was gonna be good but it was just terrible i can see why we didnt hear of it before.

  3. this game was never heard bcos only one of mmo site showed it has been beta for a long time this game featers old gameplay with instance china rpg elements thats all i have learnt there 7 contry like that the story goes

  4. First, if you need to say something like: “Oh I play guild wars”. or “Oh I play star wars” STFU you idiot, and go play your fail games. If you are so content why are you trolling F2P mmo websites? Obviously your game is not good enough.
    NOw, this game. Crap. There are millions of games like this. 9dragons bieng one of the more aged ones now. Scarlet LEgacy is the SAME thing. Gamigo games has another just like it as well. I have played all of them and they are difficult to really enjoy. Almost all of them with more than neccessary interface boxes. So many hand me outs like power ups, stat builds, that mean nothing from level 1-40, and then are to little for that lvl 40 boss. So it just OP’s your grind in lvl 1-20, but ok, why even bother making a game with grind from lvl 1-20 if you just over power the players to end game? JUST MAKE END GAME (or balance the game). Also, the politics systems, clan systems are almost ALWAYS convulted and over done. They try that Chineese clan thing where factions are numerous, and you fight for one. But despite all the menus, numbers, pets, etc.. it comes down to the basics… armor, group, and what dungeon you are farming, or who is paying for that pvp armor to hold map territory. THAT is why these games are better left alone. Asian market is a stinky rotting fish, filled with asian farmers wanting you to pay. It is all like onine poker. Bleh.

    • +1 for the stfu to player who leave a comment about another game.. come on if you leave a comment here do something helpful for the other.

      After im against what you say.
      It’s true that THIS game is quite a big fail.
      -The translation is incomplete. Some quest are weird, the exp earn isn’t translated, the typo of general game is some weird ol text writer….
      -The character aren’t bad but too restrictive in creation
      -No real balance between classes (Hunter, Assassin deal way too more damage and warrior, mage get pwned really fast :l)
      -The graphic of this game are a true bitch slap with a return in past, seriously it’s ugly and even silkroad look better (just a tiny bit..)
      -The animation are shit.. no joke there’s no transition between combat and normal stance, only 2 attack animation ect
      -Pet system in wich you need to buy with RL money to make it evolve further than stage 1
      -Weird block. you can jump but : can’t go in or over water, can’t jump from cliff even if it’s small
      -No physic? yeah seems like there’s no physic mean you can walk through house, tree, ect ect
      try auto route in lunaria and have fun..

      Ok after the – here come the +
      +Good looking armor
      +Auto route system
      +Mount directly at level 1 (panda or horse)

      In other word the game is fun for ….5 minute after it get borring as it’s sloooooow and not attractive and releasing a game like this now is a serious joke… After it can interest people as we all got different taste but for me it’s a real no play game.

      Ok so now here in what im against in your comment XDD
      9Dragon is old but is still good, it’s true that it’s age make it real unfun to play if you’re used to game where everything is given like autoroute, real help ect in other word where all the work is already done and you just need to kill monster or go at a place.
      After you complain about what is called the “Korean style mmorpg” ?
      You are new in the mmo world because like more than half of mmorpg released is korean, chinese, japanese and for most of their rpg it’s mostly grinding ect as they love this kind of thing.

  5. I’ve been enjoying DC Universe Online and will be playing Star Wars: The Old Republic soon. I don’t have time for sub-par crap like this.

  6. This game was a pretty big letdown. Although I understand its a beta, there is a lot of problems. Awful translation, very bland graphics, and typical WOW type fighting. Although not nearly as intuitive and smooth as WOW. Maybe it’ll be better in the future but for now its a pass.

  7. LOL this is hilarious, i just found out about this MMORPG just surfing on the browser and decided to check if MMOBOMB has anything new and Ta-Da the same MMORPG i just started loading has appeared on the front site 😀


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