What’s better than a giant spaceship battle? A giant spaceship battle … with fire!

That’s the plan for Update 1.9.0 for Dreadnought, codenamed “A Taste of Fire,” which takes captains to the former human colony of Amirani. Battle at the foot of a volcano, where forges lie dormant around pools of molten lava, or head up to the peaks to wage war in the icy daylight. In either case, make sure your environmental controls are up to snuff.

Also in this update, matchmaking has been improved, making sure Recruit, Veteran, and Legendary fleets only take on similarly experienced opponents. The dev team has also improved the new player experience and added new goodies to the cash shop, while also crafting the ability to do discounts and sales. Finally, for a company that has offices in Berlin, it’s a little surprising that a German translation for the game has taken so long, but so it has.

You can read about all the changes and additions on the Dreadnought site.

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