Trendy Entertainment dropped an all-new update for their free-to-play game Dungeon Defenders II today. The update introduces a variety of new content to the game — including some holiday themed treats.

In addition to news of the content update, the development team also posted a Thank You note to everyone who has supported the game so far:

There’s this great big gift waiting for you. You get to open it, play with the new loot, fight the new boss, and just escape into this weird, wonderful thing we’re making. But we’re on the other side. We’re the gift givers. We’ve spent hours poring over everything you told us so we could find you the perfect gift. And now we have to wait for you to open it. Worry about if it’s what you wanted. Wonder how we’re going to top it next time. That’s a lot of pressure.

But we like being your gift givers. Because you wonderful guys and girls have supported us through our first year of Early Access. That means a lot to us. We aren’t a AAA studio with a huge budget. You’re not going to see Dungeon Defenders II on some parkside bench or a billboard. We’re a small team, and we only get to make these gaming gifts because you believe in us. You support us. We hope each and every one of you realizes that. You are the sole reason we get to wake up every morning, see our children off to school, head into the office and make video games. What an insane, crazy world this is where we get to make fun for a living. Thank you. Thank you so much for that.

You can download and check out Dungeon Defenders II’s new content today by going to the official site.

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