Publisher gamigo and developer Limbic Entertainment gave the green light for the innovative 3D browser game Dungeon Empires. Thousands of eager dungeon masters have been busily building dungeons, training creatures and sending their heroes into the fray of battle in the past few weeks and months during beta testing.

Dungeon Empires offers lots of possibilities for creating spaces. Players can choose from a variety of room styles, fixtures and elements to that their creatures feel at home in their dungeon. From giant rats, skeletons and trolls all the way to huge dragons, each creature needs its master’s attention. If the creatures are well-cared for, they will repay the favor with increased motivation and effectivity.

Players also create their own hero to raid other players’ dungeons. The focus can be placed on strength, dexterity or magic. With each increase in level, the hero will receive stat points that can be invested in skills and spells. The hero license system is a special highlight. Players can create a license for their hero and send it to friends so that they can take the player’s hero out on raids with them.

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  1. lame on May 29, 2011

    Too bad you can only run 6 dungeons before running out of “raid points” than you have to wait forever to get more. The game would be awsome without this feature. Or atleast alot more points

  2. Slanger on May 28, 2011

    looks amazing for a browser game, fun too

  3. Narutoboy on May 28, 2011

    looks awesome!!
    limitless hours of gameplay could go into this