Aeria Games’ latest free to play MMORPG, Echo of Soul, has officially launched on Steam. Almost two days into the Steam launch now, the reviews are coming in mixed with some of the items pointed out in our First Look video being called out as negative items (such as gender locking, a sometimes silly camera, and repetitive gameplay), while positive reviewers tend to see a more traditional MMORPG, low kill count quests, and nice single player and co-op dungeon options as positive features.

Issues with the Echo of Soul client being denied by certain anti-virus software suites seems to still be an issue and Aeria Games has posted on Steam a message about getting around that issue and why it happens.

Echo of Soul features five classes with which to explore the game’s world: the Warrior, a fearsome knight; the Archer, an enigmatic songbird; the Rogue, a solitary assassin; the Guardian, a warden of nature; and the Sorceress, a master of ice and fire spells. Content wise there are currently over 1,600 quests, PvP, and 60 party and Solo dungeons to explore.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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  1. Echo of soul at it’s surface is a darn good game (i do hate aeria games’ antics), but here are some things that one can look forward to from eos:
    -The quests are generic but they are not tiring and give out good stuff…also, since the game just launched you’ll actually see (gasp!) other people questing even at low lvls.
    -The pvp up to lvl 60 is pretty fun but it can get trite later on since there are only 2 bg maps.
    Also, the smart matching system makes for quick pvp since your lvl and stats are adjusted so that all the people have same stats as per their class.
    -Skills are fun to mess with, although there is a some imbalance in subclass choices.
    Although it’s a stand and hit game so if you’re laggy you’re shit out of luck in pvp and solo dungeons.
    -When all is said and done, it is a fun game.

    All that changes at 60, when reality hits and you have to deal with lvl 60 dungeons and pvp which is a whole new ballpark, the gems at 60 are a different kind, the pvp changes from 2 minute battles to 10 second fights, the dungeons are harder to solo and dungeons do get harder.
    But hey, that’s all supposed to be fun right…game is supposed to be harder at 60, right, right!
    well, not for the first few hours or days, since it takes a lot of early prep or dying-grinding-dying in pvp and dungeons before you can enjoy endgame properly
    It is a game that’s worth a shot.

  2. Grow up people it’s Aeria, you STILL did not learn? everything they push out is a TRAP drill that into your damn skulls and wait for better games hosted by better company.

  3. Мда уж….

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    • Хватит выпендриватся тут, не тебе одному такое тут выскакивает это раз, и на почту приходит бэкап ключа это два.

      В следующий раз меньше выебонов в стиле “все ненавидят рашку” и больше извилинами шевели.

  4. the game is not bad but its also not good its mediocre and THAT is the problem. the game does not try to take a risk and make something new it just stays in the safe spot .

    i can’t complain about this game nor can i praise the game is just too damn basic but because its a basic mmo its also a solid basic as it can get mmo.

  5. Crap Animations, Absolutly NO fluid combat, Boring Questing. Crap graphic. Crap Cinemetric.

    To reset Skills u need a “Skill Reset Stone”, most of them u just can get via CashShop. A few while leveling up too.

    Unbalanced Classes, witch will get balanced by Aeriagames in the future, my promise. U can bet two times what happen, in my opinion they enforce the players to get a Stone for the Reset with this behavior.

    Not mounted!

  6. one of the worst games i`ve played in the past 2 years, is fun till you get to 60, then you realise how bad the game is (+ its just another generic mmorpg with nothing special) 0 pvp balance, boring quests, nothing diferent form any other mmo out there, etc etc etc…

    • Took u 60 levels? Must have liked something. Sounds like u wanted top gear and 1 shot pvp and u got pwned. Reminds me of derps that say “this game suck. I should know. I have 3 level 60’s”… It suckef so much you tortured yourself 3 times over?? -.-

      • of coursei i got all the way to lv60, you cant talk about a game without playing at least to lv cap and try the end game content, + i said clearly that i had fun till that lv 60, after that it turned in a pice of shit. “someone is talking shit about a game i like, lets throw salt at him”, you´re not the objetive kind of person as i can see, and i never said i had 3 chars at 60 thats an stupid assumption. build a better argument and come again.

  7. Tried it on Thailand server. Hyped on this for a long time. Tried the EU server, then delete shortly after that. Gender locked, poorly made quests… since i’ve been playing Black Desert Japan, i dont think i can put up with games like this anymore. Sorry for high expectation.

    • What did u think eu would have thailand didnt? Gender has always been locked. Ps. Black desert leveling is based on korean grind and is the games weakest point….

  8. game interesting in begin but when you get 60 lvl you have those limited entrance to dungeon, in comon area 60 lvl mobs don’s drop items for your lvl, but now I have open PVP arena 5v5.

    • You also have armor pvp sets. Infinite random dungeon. Token armor vendors. Jobs to up and guilds to forge. People play this solo and expect some kind of magical solo world end game. Take a break. Come back when more content comes out or help others.

      • Infinity dungeons, are limited, they just random for solo 30 times per week but item drop not alwas for 60 lvl, and party 10 times per week, where you have chance for drop 1/10 1 item for you class.

        solo or party PVE on 60 lvl are poor and limited

        if i want play PVP based game i will chose Archlord 2


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