Aeria Games has unleashed the new Warlock class in its latest update to the free-to-play MMORPG Echo of Soul. In addition to the other update content, the Warlock comes in two specializations. Players can chose the Tormentor or the Reaper specialization and drive their foes mad. The first player to level a Warlock to level 60 on each server will receive a special title and anyone that gets a Warlock to level 60 by October 31st will receive a special Warlock costume.

Content wise, Update 1.5 adds 2 new dungeons, Crimson Fortress and Destroyed Cardilla, and new Tier 5 Infinite Solo Dungeons and Tier 6 Party Dungeons with new boss monsters. If you are more of a “punch other players in the face” type player, the update also kicks of Season 2 of PvP which runs until March of next year. New PvP titles and gear are on the line.

You can check out the full patch notes here.

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  1. GamerElite on December 6, 2015

    TERA and C9 the only games worth to play where tera is one of the best hack n slash and c9 based pure on player skills cyu all in the game world

  2. Todoran on October 16, 2015

    woooooooooooooorld of warcraft 2004 best in 2015 gaming is dead,,, nananannananana

    • superninja on October 16, 2015


    • adasdas on October 16, 2015

      holy fuck, all these bad mmos man … BnS the only exception but still not released here

      • Todoran on October 17, 2015

        yeah bns is okish……. wow & bns is the way to go from 2015 up…. all the rest are just …… a waste of money & time

      • Randyblythe on October 17, 2015

        If I had a dollar for every time someone said a new MMO that nobody has played for at least a month was “good”, I’d have like $50.

        I have vivid memories of especially SWTOR, ArcheAge, Rift, Aion… Actually, most of them, where people said “OMG THIS MMO IS SO GOOD”.

        Yeah… I guess it’ll keep happening.

        • Azaglor on October 18, 2015

          you sir are so right! i can only give you a virtual cookie though ^_^