News from QuakeCon as Bethesda announced that the open beta for The Elder Scrolls: Legends is now live. If you want to jump into the free-to-play CCG, get started by downloading the Bethesda Launcher. Once done, select The Elder Scrolls: Legends and get started on another download.

What can you expect from yet another CCG? Legends touts a new innovative strategy formula by taking the ideas popularized recently by Hearthstone and dividing the playing field into two lanes each interacting (and not interacting) with each other in new ways. You can get even more information by checking out our recently posted First Look video.

This open beta is currently limited to the PC version of the game, but expect PC, Mac, iOS Tablets and Phones, and Android Tablets and Phones versions soon. The game is currently slated for a full release by the end of 2016.

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  1. People commenting here are mostly hearthstone fanboys. I’ve played hearthstone since the beginning. I’ve started playing the elder scrolls legends couple of days ago and I’m pretty sure that I will never go back to hearthstone. This is just a much better game overall.

  2. No thanks it’s obvious they are only doing it to milk money since blizzard made hearthstone. I still think hearthstone looks more fun then this but since I haven’t seen the gameplay I guess I can’t really judge but I bet this game will be garbage.

    • I played it since closed beta. it is just a scam made to milk money. All they did in beta was to nerf how much you can get for free.

      They only want to copy HS pay to win system.

      Plus the gameplay is heavily based on RNG , plus the game looks really bad

    • I bought their grand crap – The Elder Scrolls Online and after a year, it still takes 15 minutes for a single loading screen.

      Enter credentials and wait for the character screen – 15 minutes wait
      Choose character and enter the world – 15 minutes wait
      Change a single graphics setting – 15 minutes wait

      That’s $60 down the drain for me.

      • The game its not the best but really, 15 min for each of those things you said. I think you should buy a new pc. I get in the game in less than 6 min.

    • Yeah but at least hearthstone looked fun and is fun in my experience. This elder scrolls mobile card game looks like trash in my opinion. I’d recommand hearthstone over elder scrolls mobile card game.

      • I already commented in the last thread, You are an idiots and a pure reflection of what WOW fanbois look like:
        1) ES:L is not mobile, it is PC only at least for now.

        2) You try to compare this to hearth like an idiot: This does not have the same class system (in ES:L you build your own class by placing color points).
        This does not have the same battle system: You have lanes and only 3 card draws at start and it is more strategic and slower battles. I.e. you need a brain, not a P2W net deck like HS.
        This does not have the same PVE: In HS, you have to pay to use PvE and it is not rewarding. In HS your classes are locked until you beat the first round of PvE forced missions. In ES:L it is just a game mode to earn more cards and awards.
        Apples and oranges. KYS


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