The Elder Scrolls: Legends offers more than just a way to beat down other players in card game battles. It’ll feature a rich story mode for single-player action, and at E3 yesterday, Bethesda revealed the teaser trailer for its upcoming free-to-play collectible card game.

For you lore junkies, based on talk of the “new Aldmeri Domionion” conquering Cyrodiil and chasing the emperor north, the campaign appears to be set after the “Great War” in the late second century of the Fourth Age. The Imperial City was captured in 4E 174, or 27 years before the events of Skyrim. That leaves room for a “forgotten hero” — the player, naturally — to recover what he or she can of the empire, which is still weak during the time of The Elder Scrolls V.

In addition to the trailer, Bethesda President Pete Hines said that TES: Legends will be available on Mac, iPhone, and Android devices, in addition to PC and iPad. They’ve got some interesting gameplay ideas, so it’s looking like it won’t be your run-of-the-mill copycat CCG. Are you planning to check it out?


  1. Sadly this is just another pay to win scam like hearthstone. i am in closed beta and they only care how to scam people. It is very similar to hs in bad areas. pay to win, gridning, rng, emotes etc.

    bethseda = garbage

  2. No one implemented card game right, even blizzard card game is so shit, huge size and there is almost no animation, dead conmpany of grabbers


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