Bethesda/ZeniMax and Dire Wolf Digital have updated The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ website with a bunch of new information about the upcoming free-to-play CCG.

You’ll create your deck using two attributes, and that combination will lead to it having a “class” just like one of the classes in the TES series, such as spellsword or archer. The cards consist of the usual assortment of creatures and spells, which you’ll use to whittle your opponent’s health down from 30 to 0. The game modes themselves offer the usual vs. AI (including story mode), vs. players, and Arena mode, which you can play against the AI or human opponents. After eight AI opponents you’ll face a boss and get a special card the first time you defeat one.

At this point, you’re probably thinking “blah blah Hearthstone blah blah,” but TES: Legends does have a few elements to set it apart. There are two lanes, giving you options as to where to place your cards so they’re less likely to be destroyed before you can do anything with them. Also, for every five points of damage you take, you’ll draw a card; if it contains the “Prophecy” keyword, you’ll be able to play it instantly, for free, potentially turning the tide of battle.

And, of course, there’s the lore of the Elder Scrolls universe, which manifests itself in story mode, as you visit some of Tamriel’s best-known locations; your deck’s “race,” which grants you thematic cards for your collection; and various legendary cards, representing some of the series’ iconic characters.

You can learn more about The Elder Scrolls: Legends and sign up for the game on the TES: Legends site.



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