The first closed beta test for ELIGIUM – The Chosen One, the newest MMORPG from Frogster, begins today at 16:00 CET (15:00 GMT). Players fortunate enough to get their hands on one of the limited beta keys can start their adventure today – a little present before Christmas.

The closed beta will run until the 18th January 2012. During that time players will be able to sample a selection of ELIGIUM’s many features and raise one of three selectable races to level 45, the level cap for the closed beta. Players who are waiting to follow the path of the brave Panda will have to practice the art of patience and await the second phase of beta testing where the Panda will make its glorious entrance. Knowing the Panda, this will be hard to miss.

You can still register on the main website to participate in one of the upcoming beta key waves. For more details please visit our official website:


  1. Btw, don’t even bother with this game. Terrible launcher, graphics, the maximum resolution is about 1440×800 which is just weird, it’s buggy as hell, the artwork on loading and character select is bad and everything else is just a typical MMO.

    How sad.

  2. there are no more beta keys. they won’t give any more out til the next phase of the closed beta which is in about 2 weeks.and then its going to be contest only no freeby give outs. sorry.

  3. yeah they tend to give out keys to the full guilds that register first, as well as gaming officials, magazine/website game companies, and just about anyone that can give them publicity and real testing feedback. the actual consumers that will be paying them money for cash shop stuff and subscriptions are usually let in LAST.

    they like to wave a sprinkled donut in the face of a starving man so that they can get him to pay his soul for it when he can’t stand it no longer.

    I signed up for their beta 6 months ago, didn’t get a beta key.
    won’t get a beta key unless i jump through their hoops and troll the contest forum day and night for 6 more months.

    then when you finally get a beta key they will tell you that you can’t play til the next beta session which is in 2 weeks.

    Think i’d rather wait til open beta and just play the other games that are already in open beta or out to full release.


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