Two Elsword classes are getting some serious revamps soon. The free-to-play game is reworking Eve and Chung — fixing up not just abilities and skills but their looks, too.

You can get a look at both in the exclusive video above. A short list of changes is available below.

Eve Revamp Summary

  • Abilities have been rebalanced for Eve classes
  • Skill effects have been revamped
  • Character commands are now more effective
  • Appearance, body proportion, and promotional costumes have been

Chung Revamp Summary

  • Awakening now gives better additional effects
  • Reload Cannon has been revamped for better output
  • Charging for cannon balls now has better output
  • Appearance, body proportion, and promotional costumes have been
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  1. ( Elsword Problem )
    1. Mess up Community Completely. (Cold-Hearted)
    2. Bad Economy (inflation in-Game) .
    3. Developer don’t care to listen other Region.
    Final Comment: Elsword was a fun game back in the early years but soon the Community became Corrupted with these hack tool that lets them get unlimited K-Ching plus there just doing more sinful thing on elsword and other games too. it just goes to show that they not care at all on the choice that they make will come back on them very heavily in their life. I don’t care how you people sit on the Computer do horrible thing like this but not how you play a the right thing or regret Completely.

  2. Free to play limitation! Elsword is a good game but it is not smart to be supporting this game as it make it less fun to play with friend when there a stamina bar under the screen bar. it like a mobile game on the market. I think the developers need to stop with this mess because it just doesn’t exist on PC Games. it become a grind fest too.

    • I’ve had 28 Stamina potions lined up in my bank and have yet to use any of them. Mind you I play mostly on the weekend where its unlimited stamina and occationaly during the week. I’ve generally leveled past 30 in under 3 days. There is no grind fest unless its for that 2nd job quest.

      Also you can get more stamina potions from Cobo Services, not the cash shop.


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