Elsword Unleashes First Dual Character: Luciel

Michael Byrne
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Elsword, the free to play action MMORPG from KOG Games, has launched a bit of a new character type for players to explore. Not content with playing 1 character? Try Luciel on for size. This "single character" is actually made up of two characters; Lu and Ciel. Having protected Lu from a pack of demon assassins, Ciel gives his life for Lu. In return, Lu revives him as a half-demon bound to serve her. The two form Elsword's first dual character.

As a dual character, Lu and Ciel introduce a whole new style of combat to Elsword. Despite being two characters, they share one skill tree yet how each unique skill functions depends on which character is in combat. Certain skills can be used to switch between characters to increase their Combination Gauge, but it's up to players to keep tabs on skill interactions.

Each character has their own unique attack style too with Ciel attacking from range and Lu letting loose with close range claw combat skills.

Check out the full ability breakdown on the Elsword page.

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