A variety of changes have come to Elsword with its most recent update. Most notable among these are are additions to PvP and a whole host of character balance revamps.

PvPers have two new things to look forward to — a new PvP mode in town and a PvP feature for 1v1 fights. The new mode — called Winners Match Mode — is a 3v3 option with a similar matching system to the 3v3 Death Match. It lasts for 1,260 seconds and will pit teams in battle against each other beginning with the lowest ranking players and working up to the highest. Match wins are determined differently based on where they occur. In the Arena, all three players need to take 2 turns each, while Sparring events will end when one of the teams reaches and kills the objective.

1v1 Match request is pretty much as it sounds and will allow players to request matches with a specific person rather than being matched via the queue system. More information on both these modes can be found on the game’s site.

As for the character balance revamps. Those impact nearly every character and are numerous. Luckily, KOG Games has arranged them in a nice character-by-character format that’s easy to peruse.

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  1. (MMO Games)
    Community: 1/5 (Poor)
    Gameplay: 3/5 (Good)
    Developers 2/5 (Fair)
    (Truth Fact)
    1 .Elsword was a okay game but when it has less character and less Damage Dealer plus there was no Combo system back in the Early year. it has became a Horrible game since it has more Damage Dealer then anything else as there no role class for the Character in Elsword.
    2. PVP was never the spot light in the first place since player expect Elsword to a become of league PVP game like most other RPG Games that have PVP system plus People complain about their Damage for the Class that they play in games. The PowerCreep from these player are mostly bad at the game 90% percent of them are the Reason why MMO Deserted like a Ghost town from Social Community to Cold Community in Most games.
    (MMO World Community Games)
    ( The MMO World Community will Continue to keep Crumbling deeper and deeper until become nothing. I know for the fact that people will become more Greedy then you ever will be in Video games.) Stop Making game Pay for Power!… It does not help at all with the Community.
    Good Night and have a Nice Day MMO Bomb

    • Wow! You right the MMO Genre has become worst with the Community and the Developer plus the publisher as well since their in the open too.

    • (I Agree)

      I used to play MMO but since the Community has became nasty about almost anything in Video game. I lost faith heavily

    • Developer are Evil
      Publisher are Evil
      Community are Evil
      Enough Proof to see yourself in MMO Community Games

    • I believe the developer should stop making games as their wasting more resource to the Company plus the Community Fall for the trap bait when something old or new Come out on the market then the hype died real fast.


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