Sometimes, a good girl just has to go bad to get the job done.

Elsword‘s Elesis isn’t putting up with Lord Wally’s (yes, “Lord Wally”) shenanigans any more, so she’s gone over to the dark-ish side to unlock the power of a new job path, the Dark Knight. As a Dark Knight, Elesis has the power to harness darkness and sacrifice her own life force to deal extra damage.

You need to be level 15 to unlock the Dark Knight, but KOG Games is making that easy, with an event that runs through this weekend to Tuesday, Feb. 3. If you have a new Elesis character, you just have to log in and visit a village or resting area to be granted a pop-up window that will immediately boost your level to 35, as well as provide you with some gear appropriate to your new level. From there, you can unleash as much bloody mayhem as your heart desires! “I’ll have one Dark Knight with extra evisceration, please.”

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. I’m reading these replies and I feel like most of them are playing on a different server with different GMs… That english is retarded.

    • better watch out it a ban spree on each server elsword version. it no joke here. go play void instead since you think you better with your dirty mouth. anon. don’t be dispectful because you end up like anybody else in the same boat.

  2. May as well avoid that game company (Kog games) and they a very evil company. The playerbase has been mostly damage by the GM knowledge and customer support not help one bit to fix the problem. do not play their games at all. stay away from it and forget it exist as a company. Same few a other game company too.

  3. So sad, i played this game for 2 year on the italian server but i just wasted my time, admin banned me because i won 3 time vs his brother…losed all imperial set and my s+ for gameforge…

    • Elsword is a ban spree game now thank to the gm for not believeing fun anymore in elsword. you not the only one that falsely got banned by a GM. it is like 70% of player who has got banned wrongfully by GM in each server. it add up more to the list each day as you hear a new player on the forum get banned. I don’t know what wrong with these company can’t trust no game company at all. they may knife you in the back for the long run.


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