En Masse Entertainment revealed today that they are adding an all new free-to-play game to their lineup. Battleplans — which the company is billing as a unique twist on the RTS genre — will eventually be available for both mobile and PC players.

Battleplans splits offensive battles and defensive planning into two separate areas of the game, while allowing players to lead attacks on territories controlled by NPCs or other players.

According to En Masse CEO Chris Lee, “Battleplans is a great strategy game for players interested in actually controlling the units they send into combat. It provides engaging gameplay but isn’t bogged down by micromanagement.”

At present, the company is gearing up for a closed beta test of the PC version of the game, and have open singups available.

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  1. I feel the term “smart tacticians” is very redundant. There are no dumb tacticians. If you are a tactician you are smart because you know how to strategy. If you don’t know how to strategy then that means you aren’t a tactician. You are something else. Perhaps you are a better front line soldier or support soldier lol. Or maybe even an undead skeleton or shapeless animorph. Anyways you get what im saying i hope lol.

    • well a tactician is a person who commands the soldiers dumb tacticians make dumb decisions like for example that tactician was smart at alot of wars but then in that one war he does a streak of dumb decisions.

    • there are dumb tacticians. smart/dumb are just adjectives used to modify a word. you might be better in other roles, but if you are taking the role of a tactician, you are a tactician.

      strategy and tactics are two separate things by the way. strategy is your long term methodology, tactics are your short term methodologies. Tactics are for winning the battle, strategy is for winning the war.


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