Okay, being the dumbass I am… I just clued into the fact that Epic has been giving away at least one scary game as part of its free offerings every week. Last week it was >observer_ and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. This week, it’s the first-person psychedelic horror game Layers of Fear Masterpiece Edition, along with Q.U.B.E. 2. Next week, they’ll be giving away Frictional Games’ SOMA — along with Costume Quest.

So, for those of you invested in the scary game scene, it’s a pretty solid month free game-wise.

As noted, Layers of Fear and Q.U.B.E. 2 are both on offer this week, which means you can save a grand total of $45 ($19.99 for Layers of Fear and $24.99 for Q.U.B.E 2). It’s not massive savings, but free is still always good. If nothing else, you can do like me and add it to the ever-growing list of games you’re probably never going to actually play.

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