Monthly subscriptions to online games are all but extinct now — having been de facto replaced in some places by battle passes — but that isn’t stopping one prominent game’s developer from pitching the idea to fans.

Fortnite players are receiving surveys asking for their opinions on the possibility of a monthly subscription. Twitter user FireMonkey has the details (crediting MarDlT), which shows a bounty of loot and asks players what parts of it (or all, or none) they think would be included in a subscription, as well as their overall opinion of the sub. The price of the package would be $15.99, or possibly $18.99 — in either case, higher than a traditional MMO subscription, which usually lands around $15.

It’s not the first time Epic has floated the idea of a new kind of recurring payment method. As Eurogamer notes, an “annual pass” was leaked around this time last year, and that amounted to nothing. This might be along the same lines and, at least judging by the response to FireMonkey’s tweets, it seems to be more popular than last year’s plan.

What do you think? Would all that loot be enough to be worth a monthly sub to Fortnite? It theoretically wouldn’t affect the game’s overall free-to-play status or the Battle Pass, but would be simply extra loot you could buy directly. On that level, it might be acceptable to most players, though completionists will probably feel the sting in their wallets.


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