Some weird stuff is afoot involving Epic Games’ battle royale Fortnite, and just in time for Chapter 2 – Season 2. The new content releases tomorrow, but before that happens, it appears everyone can have a little fun trying to figure out a global ARG involving strange advertisements, phone numbers, and cryptic messages.

According to a report on Android Central, Fortnite fans all over the world have been seeing weird advertisements that include a dial-able phone number appropriate to wherever they’re located. Those who have called the numbers have been rewarded with a cryptic message referencing agents (or an agency) and status regarding agent activities. Some tell the caller to go ahead with plans while others warn they’ve been compromised and need to hold off. Several of them have been compiled into a short video posted on Twitter by user FortTory.

In addition to the ads and phone numbers, players have also noticed that the official Fornite social accounts have made changes associated with the ARG. Most notably, those hanging out in Discord are now being “recruited” by a bot named The Agency.

Whatever the reason for all this is, it won’t be long until everyone finds out. But, until the update officially launches tomorrow, everyone can at least have fun trying to figure it out.

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  1. No friggin way.
    We’re officially becoming a society ruled and monitored by software without our permissions, bar, the muddled rambled lawyer filled book of text for us to hit AGREE to play or do. I think this leads to a slight recall from extortion methods of marketing somewhere here. Whereas they pull the players in to where ever now etc. Then they loop them up like a bunch of cattle and watch their every movements with the Permissions blindly granted.
    What happened to just playing games. šŸ™


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