There’s one more update to the Apple vs. Epic Fortnite legal tussle before the whole affair is resolved. Well, “one more” in the sense that, although a date has been set for the trial, there will probably be appeals to be heard for years. But for now we can just pay attention to one date and put the whole affair on the back burner until then. Probably.

That date is May 3, 2021 and it’s when the two companies will get their day in court, to be judged by … well, a judge, and not a jury, a detail that both Epic and Apple agreed to last week. The trial will be conducted “in person or virtually or some combination thereof.”

There are some additional dates laid out in Judge Rogers’ statement, including several for expert and non-expert discoveries in the early months of 2021, as well as pretrial procedures in April. Maybe by then we’ll be able to go outside again.


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