Brand new MMORPG Eternal Blade will launch on the gPotato Game Portal in North America in 2012! Eternal Blade promises fast-paced action into an engaging social world to create a thrilling new MMORPG with a dungeon crawler twist.

Eternal Blade opens up a lushly animated storybook world penned by Gala Lab, creators of the beloved classic MMOs Fly for Fun and Rappelz. The colorful anime style blends seamlessly with the high action gameplay that sees players unleashing huge, powerful attacks to take down challenging bosses or whole hordes of monsters with every swing, shot, or spell.

Each of the six classes brings distinct strengths and strategies with the opportunity to grow in rank and add powers based on the player’s custom enhancements. The game bursts with collectible items and energy that reward successful heroes with vital resources to tailor their appearance, statistics, and even abilities. Eternal Blade features multiple upgrade paths and a unique animal card system that allows players to create and combine skill-granting animal cards made from the energy of defeated foes.

Incredible monsters and challenges await in the varied dungeons which form the core of Eternal Blade. From a mad scientist’s laboratory to a wind-up clocktower, players will explore 35 dungeons and take on over 700 quests. The dungeons can be tackled solo or in a group, with adjustable difficulty settings to make them accessible for new players yet challenging for the hardcore.

The grand adventure begins later this year, but the first page has already been turned with the release of an official Eternal Blade website and trailer.


    • OMG it reminds me too :DD i waited for RO 2 but it was disappointment -.-
      but this game look so bright and fun cant wait for obt/cbt ><

  1. nice to see that Gpotato is willing to kill really good games like Prius to put old Sega CD quality RPG’s back on the market… cause you know there is a large demand for it… all 4 of them that love them. unfortunate for us they are the kids of the CEO of Gpotato… which is why we have to suffer it. Oh well this game will die with Gpotato just like all of its other games.

  2. This game will prob be decent and for the publisher issue all publishers are bad in their own way and good in another its all about personal preferences eg: i think riot and nexon are bad publishers but thats just me others could think riot is the best publishing company known to mankind

  3. Reminds me of fail Ragnarok Online 2. RO2 must be like this graphics not the full 3d graphics. Also the music.

  4. is this game an isometric one??!!! nice teaser and music! probably gonna try this one.!!!
    The archer it so cool and flashy
    , ftw

    • Probably so seems most games of this type give you the ability to choose witch graphic style you would like to play on

  5. It looks interesting like said before rather generic but I suppose its still worth a shot. Lunia needs to come back I did in joy that game a lot =\

  6. Just watched over the trailer on their website and some gameplay on youtube and i have to say that it is way to generic for me.

    I’m off to try out that 8bit mmo in hopes that it won’t try to stab my brain cells in the face.

    Go quantity over quality !

    *** Almost went with “… hopes that it won’t try to shoot an arrow into my brain cells knee..” but decided not to.

  7. That video is pretty much private for me.

    P.S. The 3-comment-dialog about which publishers suck because of how much they suck is awesome !

    Go internet !

  8. The feeling really reminds me of lunia, It looks okay, pretty much lunia upgraded. I ll try it out when I get a chance to.

      • I have to agree with the retarded 8 year old kid EA dose suck for a Publisher after having many of there games fail to work for me as well as some of there other past failures it has lead me to lose faith in there ability to do much of anything correctly

        • all EA games work fine for me. i suggest getting a decent pc and not downloading pirated versions. im not saying that you do but alot of the people who QQ that EA games dont work is because they pirate them.

          • Lol i’m sure you haven’t played battlefield 3 or you wouldn’t be saying this kinds of things. What i hate most than EA, it’s EA’s fan-boys. Sir you are despicable i want to forget i even read your post given that you are defending a company by making false accusations please just don’t….. just don’t even.

          • I can assure you that my computer far surpasses the requirements that games these days require also to note I do not pirate games I buy them either from Steam or retail

          • Oh and to add to my point dose it not seem odd to you I would have to return Dead Space 2 three times and get another copy each time before they gave me one that did not crash just to find it was riddled in glitches? Good job EA good job.

  9. THEY SHUT DOWN LUNIA AND PRIUS FOR THIS SH1T??? Gpat is disgusting.

    WORST PUBLISHERS: 1) gpat. 2.) PWE 3.)Sony 4.)NcSoft and game forge 5.)Nexon 6.) area


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