EverQuest Consolidating AA Ability Lines In Patch This Month

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

EverQuest Update Aug 2016

Like any teenager, EverQuest keeps making changes to how it does things. The patch scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 17 looks like it will really shake up how several important game elements work in the 17-year-old MMO.

The most notable change in the update will be "one of the biggest" consolidations of AA ability lines the game has ever seen. It's a story almost as old as (MMO) time itself: Very complex system is introduced, becomes too complex as time goes on and new parts are added, and then is simplified -- usually accompanied by cries of how the game is "for noobs now" by the 2% of players who loved the mind-bending complexity.

The effectiveness of stacking runes and adjustments to ripostes and other combat balances are also part of this months update, which is prepping the game for its 23rd expansion, coming later this year. There's a lot more to look over if you're an EQ fan, so head on over to the EQ forums for the full rundown.

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ElusiveXTreasure 7 years ago
Mm... that 'game is for noobs now' bit really depends on -how- far they go to simplify things. I don't play mmos to play essentially a glorified 3d Facebook game. SWTOR did their simplification right, in my opinion, taking away talent trees but making the classes even more unique from one another. WoW on the other hand with taking away the talent trees, *loud sigh*, yeah... you get the picture. Things can be meaningful and not overly complex all at once. And -some- complexity is needed or you get the people whining about how 'bored' they are.. on a game... god lord, go do something else, then. But, all I can really say is, I hope EQ gets it right.

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