Ignited Games is bringing WindSlayer 2 to gamers across North America and MMOBomb.com are happy to present you exclusively the first screenshots of the game. Without delays feast your eyes on this first set of screens from WindSlayer 2.

WindSlayer 2 is a new 2D side-scroller MMORPG featuring colorfully rendered characters, fast-paced gameplay, unique combos, AI-enhanced pets and much more. To join the WindSlayer 2 closed beta, go to: http://ws2.ignitedgames.com/


  1. this game is awesome, been playing this game recently but from the period of time, i got so addicted to this game and i almost forgot my dinner..

    im going to play this game again, and ill eat my meals in front of my pc..or ill bring my laptop on our dining table.

  2. I played the 1st wind slayer For more than 4 years I just Love it xD I wish i play on closed beta 😀 I been waiting for 3 months lmao 😛

  3. I’m sorry to say but thats not very close to the first game, and I don’t think this one is worth trying.
    It probably has the same gameplay but they changed the graphics and maps and so on, but it seems even more childish than it was before…

  4. Omg , omg FIRST SCREENSHOTS !!! omg sooooo nice graphic never saw so beautiful game , this game BEST Of THE BEST game 2011 year !!!!)))


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