Duoyi and 101XP’s free-to-play MMORPG Eternal Magic has now exited early access and fully launched. Check out the flexible class system, take on giant epic battles with dozens of other players, try out MOBA mode, compete to be the hottest babe on the server — yes, that’s actually a thing — or get married and throw a party in your mansion. I guess eternal bliss goes with Eternal Magic.

(Question: If you get married in an MMO, does the “’til death do us part” part still apply if you get rezzed?)

In any case, you can check the game out now via its official website or on Steam. There are two content packs available, the Novice Pack for $2.99 and the Keeper Pack for $74.99, which is just a bit of a difference in price. If you’re interested in the game, get in while you can, because with a 46% user review on Steam and a peak of fewer than 500 players on launch weekend, it might not be around for long.

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  1. The reason for the low score is that on top of the game being beyond generic and mediocre, it plagiarizes assets from both WoW and GW so I can’t really say anything positive about it. Leveling is also extremely fast – feels like a mobile game.

    I found that out when I decided to give it a try and try to swallow my prejudices, but it turns out this game disappoints every step of the way. The level cap is somewhere around 50 or 60 and I managed to reach level 40 within 2-3 hours of gameplay… and there comes the worst part – all in the starting zone… the game has like 6-7 zones in the whole world. It’s by far the most downward appalling MMO I’ve seen in years.


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