Twentieth Century Fox announced that Family Guy Online, a free-to-play browser-based game, has entered open beta.

Family Guy Online offers cel-shaded characters and is scripted and voiced by the show’s writers and talent. Players choose one of four classes based on the Griffen family architypes and, equipped with the Peter-class burp, or the Stewie-class ray-gun.

Family Guy, a popular US animated comedy series, takes place in the town of Quahog, and the game gives fans a chance to join their favorite characters.

Players can sign up at:


  1. this is not OPEN beta. u need ‘keys to quanhog’ to play it, and u must whait to get one, and their page says: u will be able to play the game only when they tell u. this is *****sht

  2. I just woke up about 10 mins ago, went onto Face Book and seen “Family guy online goes into open beta” I thought it was a April fools joke that was off by 17 days, clicked on the link and… well…. I MUST PLAY IT!


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