In the May Red 5 Development update video James Macauley (VP of Development) and Scott Youngblood (Lead Designer) announce some huge news for some of the upcoming Firefall beta patches. Perhaps the largest change is the removing of levels. Yes, you read that right.

The Firefall team has decided to remove levels from the game in favor of a more horizontal, skill focused progression. This means that you won’t feel like the most powerful character in a PvP match simply because you are the highest level anymore. Players will now take the experience points they earn and use them to unlock the abilities THEY want rather than be handed abilities as you leveled. This puts Firefall PvP more in the skill arena which should be welcome news to most players.

Also receiving updates is the equipment creation/resource gathering aspect of the game. The quality of materials will actually impact the quality of the gear you equip so now there’s a ton of motivation to find those rare materials. Finally, battleframes are being tweaked and a weight versus power mechanic will be implemented allowing for even MORE player customization. For more details check out the video!


  1. LOL ! This game is Global Agenda game PURE clone, everything is same, and thats great coz stupid global agenda developers left this game to rot for his game tribes :ascend wich is CRAP like no one see before, f**** flight simulator wich they call fps, this game will die soon. Bad thing is firefall we wil lsee maybe after few years, developement is VERY SLOW, so everything can change and game can become like counter strike or project can die also .

  2. Game looks good, but to get beta key they are stating that people need to be active in forums. And how you can be active in forum whit out actually playing game? It leaves people trolling on forums and mostly on ”Off Topic” section. I was trolling there too and got sick of that. It looks im trolling here too.:(

  3. All in Beta can send 2 Key to here friend from the Community site.
    And sometimes the you become new keys.
    And the game is real great, and updates bring every new think.
    When you dont will wait, ask your friends.
    When you will see the final than wait and see how good it is.

  4. I was in closed beta. Game is boring. Open world is ugly and simple. The PVP is a ripoff of other games and offers pretty much nothing from other team based deathmatch games. just overall tries to ripoff of several gaes and does it poorly and stupidly. its like a child’s game. i dont think many adults or peopel with a brain with get anything from this pointless game. lots of better games out there that they stole concepts from and compiled into this crap game. see all the delusional children already saying stupid stuff liek THEY ARE MAKING IT FOR US THE GAMERS. god they are idiots…

  5. Personally I find idiot long or air jumping in an FPS.
    The gameplay becomes jumps and shoots forever.
    Jump skill with a long or charge countdown? OK
    Jump ever? game for kids of 10 years old.

    This game looks really nice but,,
    The longer you wait for a game and creates more expectations, and then maybe he is old.
    Vindictus teaches ..

  6. Holy shit, now tell me any game out there that has such a dedicated team which really loves feedback from it`s community? Yeah, you`re out of options! And this is f**** free2play! I honestly haven`t yet seen a sign of how they can make money out of this game, I mean its like the game is completely free.

  7. Now all I need is a beta key XD but, in all seriousness, this game is looking like it will be incredible. I can’t wait !!

  8. This game is so awsome and different, i think that there is no other game like this… And it’s a F2P AAA title !!! I love this game and i have high hopes for it. I just feel like huging every developer from Red5 😀 Give us more Firefall content !!!! 😀

    • fun game yeah but there are very similar games out there already behsides the open world part, TF2 and global agenda multiplayer are carbon copys

      • TF2 ? GA ? lol….

        GA got level, with level you unlock passive talent which lead to build. Mean you don’t ‘unlock any you wish” andd GA is pretty borring in the begining until you can get in the AvA

        TF2… yeah.. game about collecting hat and selling them… hooray ..

      • Please, lets not treat the “open world part” as if it was an ability for players to get married in game. It is much more then that and should not just be ignored to help you compare the game to another.

        Carboy Copy is a cool expression, you must be proud to know it, but lets not overuse it.


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