Remember how Red 5 Studios was having problems paying their staff — and totally ruined their Christmas in the process? Well, as it turns out, their parent company The9 apparently has plenty of cash to spare.

According to MMOCulture, the company, under the direction of multi-milionaire Zhu Jun, is celebrating the Chinese Firefall launch by giving out Red Packets to players — $1.5 Million worth. What method the company will be using to give away these packets has not been determined, so while in-game credits seems most likely, cash is not out of the question.

That said, this is just a small portion of the money The9 has invested in bringing the free-to-play game to China. Zhu Jun has reportedly confirmed that $100 million has already been spent on the process.

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  1. Right, because it costs money to distribute a bunch of intangible virtual items. You should quit your job. You’ve got a bright future ahead of you as a copyright lawyer.

  2. Cra p game, dev s are beggars, pushing to buy all the time, scammed players and deleted their stuff few times and then deleted small refunded tokens, dead game u hardly can find alive players there, 3 min repetetive mini quests over and over, pay to win stuff, btrain less skill system and upgrade system, dont waste time in this SHI t this cra p is dead, no clue why they trying reanimate dead game.

  3. They did not give out $1.5 million dollars. Do you people not have any fucking integrity? Sensationalist bullshit. They gave out digital goods that were WORTH $1.5 which have infinite supply.

  4. I don’t like sensational headlines to get me to click and leave a comment (well good job I guess). Next time, don’t lie, it makes your integrity go down.

  5. 1.5 million in digital goods doesn’t mean the company has money. You can make an infinite amount of items in game, credits, exp boosters, whatever they are giving. Unless they’re giving out physical money they’re not really “losing” or giving out any money. Meh


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