Overwatch Junkrat

If you’re very determined, and also very lucky, you might finally get a chance to try Blizzard’s Overwatch — which will totally be free-to-play, we’re sure — for yourself very soon in some of the game’s first public beta tests.

There are two different types of beta, a closed beta that will be very limited and focused on gameplay feedback, and occasional beta test weekends, which will be open to a much larger pool of players and will be more about testing systems, while limiting gameplay options. The first closed beta test will kick off Oct. 27, and the first large-scale beta test weekend will be shortly after BlizzCon, which takes place Nov. 6-7.

There’s already a tab for Overwatch in the Battle.net launcher, which, along with a Battle.net account, will be obviously required for testers. You can get full details on the tests and sign up on the Overwatch site.

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    • lel kid the game is a joke and so are you. god damn these brain dead tolls are everywhere. last thing people need is another pay to win scam game from activision/blizzard

        • Dont be mad cause they are right. It cant even come near best if its not out. Just because it looks promising doesn’t mean its going to be good at all. I mean look at what they did to their triple A game? Yeah I honestly hope it tanks, but they’ll keep it alive longer than they should just to make sure people dont lose faith in them. Learn the business kid.

          • So It’s alright to go ahead and put your opinion in but lets break it down for a second. I believe we all know that what the first comment on the page meant was the game looked very promising and because of that its ” The Best”. Now to your comment “Rust”, “Look at their Triple A game?” and “I honestly hope it tanks”, just off these 2 comments alone shows me that you have complete disregard and lack of faith in Blizzard as a whole, and that’s cool every one is entitles to their opinion, but then the last sentence is what makes yourself appear to be a fool, “Learn the business kid”, So you are inferring that you are speaking to a child, who lets be honest wouldn’t grasp a single concept of what you’ve stated but yet you proceed to try and explain? On top of that too, if it was a “Kid” why bicker with him, Would that not begin to show that you are not at an appropriate brain wave level, to stoop so low to demoralize a child?


    • How do you know that if you haven’t even played it yet? From the videos I’ve seen, it looks rather boring. Or you just keep jizzing in your pants, because Blizzard made it?


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