Fortnite Battle Royale is a big deal. It seems like half the baseball people I follow on Twitter are referencing it, and at least one player I know of streams it. It’s entered the mainstream in a way that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has yet to achieve, and that’s resulted in gobs of cash for Epic Games.

SuperData is reporting that FNBR has overcome PUBG in both viewers and dollars, racking up 14 million unique viewers on Twitch over the last week of February — compared to 8.7 million for PUBG — to go with a $126 million to $103 million edge in total revenue, across PC and console. Those latter figures are even more impressive when you consider that FNBR is a free-to-play game (though it almost wasn’t) and PUBG costs $30 just to get in the door. That Battle Pass must be working!

Of course, we’ve been a little skeptical of SuperData’s numbers in the past, but, lacking any outside resources, these ones seem reasonable enough, based on how much Fortnite seems to be taking the world by storm (or by Storm). As SuperData says, PUBG’s inability to deal with cheaters and late arrival on consoles, as well as Fortnite’s greater accessibility, are helping it take over a genre that, just a few months ago, would have seemed unassailable.


  1. better than PUBG in evry single way….. and FREE…. so ofc is NR1. ………. if PUBG will be F2p…. not even then they will catch up whit Fortnite….. by the way i hate bow equaly Battle Royale is he new “moba” cancer.


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