Maybe Bluehole Studios should be worried after all. Epic Games is boasting via Twitter that over a million players tried out Fortnite: Battle Royale mode yesterday, during its free-to-play launch day.

OK, maybe it’s a little too early for us to all uninstall PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — it’s still the #1 game on Steam, with a peak of nearly 1.5 million players today — but notching a million players on your first day isn’t too shabby, either.

In any case, it’s sure to make the fight between Bluehole and Epic Games even less cordial, and that’s even with Bluehole execs giving a meandering interview to try and explain its stance on the topic. It’s something that almost certainly won’t ever come to court — PUBG is too profitable to risk endangering its relationship with the maker of its engine — but should be good for at least a few more headlines in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. Bioswat on September 28, 2017

    It was on 1st day when it came out, sure. But in 2-3 weeks it’ll be empty, only console gamers will play it I guess because they don’t have alternatives

  2. Insane on September 28, 2017

    RICKSHAW are you stupid? This would make the game a huge camper fest. The cloud forces you to have contact with other players and to eventually end the game so it does not go on forever. And all battle royales are designed this way its a smart and good mechanic. Go play cod or battlefield if you want just camp and get kills.

    • Insane on September 28, 2017

      Or Rust if you are into building … This is jsut the wrong game for you buddy.

    • Herr Sarcasmus MCReeeeee on September 28, 2017

      Rickshaw is not the sharpest tool in the shed just let him cry as he always does

  3. Rufinus on September 27, 2017

    IT’S OVER 9000!

  4. rickshaw on September 27, 2017

    I was one!
    They need to make another point to the game play though by getting rid of that cloud!!
    Just have real BATTLE ROYALE for the island.
    The silly cloud really does make the game to itsy & not enough time to enjoy the idea of trying to get collecting & building something other than the obvious sky platforms to reach the last cloud ring,
    To me it spoils the game, that stupid cloud thing.

  5. Speedy on September 27, 2017

    ITS OVER 9000 !!!!

  6. PuddingBear on September 27, 2017

    IT’s OVER 9000!

  7. Ashoppingcartglx on September 27, 2017

    IT’S OVER 9000!