Frustrated by just how long it takes to be headshotted by a sniper or succumb to the wall o’ death in Fortnite Battle Royale? If so, today’s update should be welcome news and help you get your killin’-or-killed action on just a wee bit more quickly.

Now active for a limited time, Blitz mode in FNBR sets the maximum match length at 15 minutes, with the Storm cloud already closing in. Loot frequency and availability has been increased, along with harvesting resources, which should let you squeeze in more matches in whatever time you have available.

While Blitz mode is just going live today, most of the patch went live last Friday. Its highlights included the addition of the extremely rare Supply Llama to FNBR, with only three per match, dropped in random locations. For those of you looking for more explosives but not wanting to be in the blast radius, you can also find remotely detonated explosives.

Fans of the “other” Fortnite, Save the World, also got some goodies with this patch, including some St. Patrick’s Day-themed heroes, monsters, and survivors. To learn more about everything in this update, check out the patch notes on the Fortnite website.


  1. you know if they started to do more than limited time modes I would rather them add more modes to it instead.. Might get people to play more often I liked some of the modes they came up with.. but since its only limited its pretty boring waiting for the next one.


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