Fortnite: Save The World Still Getting Updates, Though They're Tough To Find

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

With all the success stories -- and money -- Fortnite: Battle Royale is generating, we sometimes forget about that "other" Fortnite. The PvE portion of the game, Fortnite: Save the World, is still going, still receiving active development, and still on track for a free-to-play launch ... sometime. We think.

Given that everyone's talking about BR right now, we thought we'd reach out to Epic Games to see just what's happening with StW. In return, we got a laundry list of features and content updates that Fortnite has received over the past few weeks, more than enough to convince us that the mode is still going.

  • StW is updated weekly, alongside Battle Royale content. This includes bug fixes, new features, new heroes, new weapons, and other game improvements.
  • The team implemented a completely new control scheme, Combat Pro, that was influenced by Battle Royale's default and popular control scheme. This improves gameplay using a gamepad by a significant degree.
  • New in-game events, including entirely new quest lines and content are added regularly. The in-game "Spring It On!" event has been ongoing; it's included a Valentine's event, the most recent "The Three Husketeers" questline, and more. All of these events offer unique new rewards. Again, this is new content.
  • We just made a highly-requested change to the gameplay which involved removing the Energy requirements for sprinting.
  • An orchestral score for the mode/game was added in February.
  • We added a Hoverboard "vehicle" type to the game mode in February.
  • There's a ton more and it's included in the patch notes every single week.
  • All right, I'm convinced. While there was no answer to our inquiry of when Save the World would drop its early access tag and go free-to-play, there's still quite a lot going into the mode.

    The question is, who knows about it? The reason we asked about it in the first place is because, as previously mentioned, Battle Royale is getting all the headlines and we're hearing next to nothing about Save the World. Some of that is due to media sites, including ours, glomming on more readily to Battle Royale stories because the game is white-hot, but it's pretty clear that Epic is pushing Battle Royale far more heavily than it is Save the World. Take a look at the Fortnite website -- which has "battle-royale" in its URL -- and its emphasis is on BR, with big "FREE" and "More details below" hooks, next to the less impressive buttons that let you purchase StW. Then it's "Play for free," a trailer, and a bit that promotes the Battle Pass.

    How about the news page? Apart from the Combat Pro story, you'd be forgiven for forgetting StW exists. Patch notes mention Save the World in their descriptions, but I didn't even notice that until the third time I looked, and I was specifically looking for StW. None of the large banner stories mention StW, though several are specifically about BR. Over on the FAQ, BR gets top billing.

    None of this is necessarily the wrong strategy for Epic Games. As mentioned, Battle Royale is killing it, so it makes sense that it would be more heavily promoted. I, for one, though, was honestly surprised to hear about all the stuff that's gone into Save the World over the past couple of months, and maybe that's because we don't see the kind of shiny press releases and promotion for StW items like we did before BR launched. If Epic still wants people to play StW, more needs to be done than burying event announcements in patch notes.

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    Ecke 6 years ago
    StW is still early access you talk about it like its already finished. StW and BR are just modes what is developed for one game mode can easily be used in the other one.

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