We still have plenty of time to go before Epic Games’ monster survival game, Fortnite, is available on a large scale. Having really just kicked off their first Alpha phase recently, Epic Games has provided a bit of a peek at exactly what Fortnite is looking like moving into 2015.

With the conclusion of “Online Test 1,” Epic Games says that Fortnite is continuing to evolve based on player feedback as well as their own internal metrics.

Fortnite is on my personal “Most Anticipated of 2015” list and I can’t wait to give the game a try. Check out these additional videos in case you missed some of what the team at Epic Games has in store when they start adding more players to their Alphas next year.

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  1. It would be so cool if they introduced a mode where there were four different teams building and defending bases around the map, and while not directly killing each other, being able to sabotage and steal each other’s resources while trying to be the last team standing.


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