Fractured Online Bans Multiple Accounts Due To Hacking During Beta

Closed beta tests are created to improve a game, not for players to take advantage of a rare opportunity.

Aspen Pash
By Aspen Pash, News Editor Posted:

Fractured Online

Fractured Online’s Closed Beta launched on April 6. Not even 20 days later, a permanent ban was delivered to multiple accounts, all belonging to the same guild. The CBT members were caught using a hack to bypass memory limits and talent point limits. This hack allowed players to memorize more spells than normal and fill their talent trees; this leading to 200+ talents instead of 60. The combination of all of the above ultimately led the users to gain an unfair advantage, particularly in the game's PvP.

During a CBT of most games, members are asked to find bugs, exploits, and of course, even possible hacks. However, all issues should be reported. They should not be used as a benefit for a small few. The post regarding Bug Reporting & Exploiting During Beta went on to say that any failure to report said bugs and exploits will lead to a ban that could go from days, to being permanent depending on the severity of the exploit.

The post also mentioned that the hack was possible due to a bad oversight on the part of the devs and a lack of server validation for those functionalities. A fix for the above issues as well as many other bugs is said to be coming in a big patch later next week.

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OldGlory 2 years ago
well betas is for testing stuff, even hacking up the game... but something so important to be hacked sounds stupid

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