Fractured Online's Closed Beta Starts Next Week

Adventure on the continent of Aerhen, where the monsters haven't "had a decent bite to eat" in some time.

Jason Winter
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Fractured Online Beta Announce

If you've been champing at the bit to try out Fractured Online, then you'll finally get your chance next week, when the closed beta for Dynamight Studios' open-world MMORPG kicks off on Wednesday, April 6.

You'll need to purchase a Founder's Pack to participate, and they range in price from $25.99 to $129.99. According to the store page, those are discounted about 35-40% from their listed "original price." In our original mention of the packs, we said the prices ranged from $25 to $300, so you can might be able to take those "discounts" as a sign of how popular they were at those prices.

Beta players will find themselves on the continent of Aerhen, a dangerous place that was profiled last week. "We don’t know the last time they [the monsters] had a decent bite to eat, and players might be the plump, juicy morsel they’ve been looking to ravage," the press release said. Dynamight also plans to run events across its social media channels, official Discord server, and in the game itself.

If you're totally new to Fractured Online, Dynamight CEO Jacopo Pietro Gallelli has released a video titled, simply enough, "What is Fractured Online?" In 14 minutes, he covers all the basics of the game, and you're also welcome to do your own research on the Fractured site.

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