It’s all hands on deck for Fractured Space’s latest update! Phase 3.0, codenamed Action Stations, makes significant changes to the base game mode to give it more of an action-oriented spin, and also adds daily login rewards.

To reduce “trundling down the lane,” as Edge Case Games Creative Director Jim Mummery puts it, this update modifies the game maps to promote more close-quarters combat. It also makes resource mining more impactful and reduces respawn times, all with the intent of reducing downtime.

Phase 3.0 also introduces a daily reward system. Log in for 30 days — which don’t have to be consecutive — and you’ll be rewarded with a Leviathan Levi 426 ultimate skin, and the Leviathan ship itself if you don’t already own it. The update is live now, so head on over to the Fractured Space website or Steam page to check it out.