An all new pirate crew is coming to Fractured Space. A new bit of DLC slated to arrive January 11 will feature a new 10 man crew made up of an eclectic set of scalawags.

Titled “Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!”, the DLC will introduce Captain Caesar Morgan and his band of miscreants. Each character features their own unique attitude and implant slot configuration. You can get a glimpse of each of the new characters in the video above, and check them out for yourself in just a few days via Steam.

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  1. Dunno why people still call the game Pay 2 Win when it isn’t, i never invested a signle cent into the game and still got every ship, loadout, crew member, almost all implants, alot of legendary Crew emmber, a ton of skins from daily drops and i made it into the top 130 Players worldwide. without paying anything.

    People are sadly to lazy to actually give games a chance, they see someone with Way more experience wrecking their faces and isntantly call it pay 2 win.


  2. Pay to win brainless space moba, good all these braindead mobas die , another shit for wich u need to pay to earn fast, stupid boosts liek few percents wich make no sense, lazy devs to not bother with balancing, anyway, any moba can gtfo!

    • You defenitely never played the game at all. the game never was Pay2win when the 3 Starter ships are actually some of the best in the game or do you call World of tanks, Warthunder Pay2Win as well ?

      I never paid a single cent for the game and still got into the top ranks on the leaderboard, i got all ships, all Loadouts, a lot of skins and mostly everything else to collect as well, without spending a single cent.

      you simply never played the game in the first place you just talk out of your ass. Muppet.


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