Today, Human Head Studios’ free-to-play, bullet-hell, MMO (complete with permadeath) Survived By enters Closed beta testing. The game — which is published by Digital Extremes — opens the testing period with its first monthly event and the addition of both 10-player raids and hard mode dungeons. (Obviously, they’re not playing around.)

The first monthly event — Prophecies of Sin — starts today. Those who successfully survive it will earn exclusive skins, gears, and titles. In order to do this, players will need to band together and summon an all-new boss to defeat.

During this testing period, players will also be given access to new ways to customize their characters as well as get a first look at the game’s updated visuals. Those who would like to join in the closed beta test can register on the game’s site for a chance at a spot.

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  1. Wow, looks like Realm of the Mad God I am intrigued. Hopefully, it doesn’t turn into a pay to win mess like RotMG though I heard they have fixed that issue lately.

    • unfortunately, I believe it will be very much Pay to Win. even now in the Beta the crafting system is behind a *Timed* wall that you can pay real world currency to shorten.. this is very indicative of a P2W structure and is the reason i’ve already stopped playing. The crafting times are only as short as 5 minutes for something as simple as a health potion.


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